Monday, May 4, 2009

Hi People

This will be my first post in the blog. And i must add that my blog is going to be almost all about FOOD. I am kinda hoping that you guys like FOOD enough to go through the rest of the contents I intend to share. Well sure you do. Who doesnt like food? and good food at that..right? I firmly believe that God gave intelligence to man so that we gud eat better. There are other benefits like the various inventions...u processors, mixers, grinders, blenders etc etc..what wre they invented for? so we cud eat better! Irons, washing machines, telephones, TV, internet....what for? so women could finish the thankless household chores and focus on sharing and recieving tips and recepies. Why? u go we cud eat better! This sounding like an all woman thing..but guys, they told us way to a man's heart is through his tummy...But well we have evolved enough to now know for sure that its a two way road.. Women fall for hot or even 'not so hot' guys who cook like Nine Pins!

Ladies and gentlemen, the ones among you who wish to score in the kitchen are about to start to learn the art of Food Seduction. Cook the simplest yet delicious dishes that you can serve up in no time. Surprise your friends, family and partner. They'll adore you for the treat.

Lets get down to business.

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pramod g said...

Dear Shuchi


I admire the details you put into your Recipes. A very well done site.
i am sure your efforts will bear positive results.

Pramod gupta