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Bangalore is a place that gives you reasons to love it a lot but balances it out with immensely frustrating experiences thrown at you.
This city of 'not that many gardens anymore' is increasingly getting 'metronized'. Not all of this rush towards modernization is good. We used to live in Indiranagar and were very happy about it before CMH road got rogered. We moved to Kormangala 4rth Block in Jan this year. I must say I wish we had moved here before. There are so many options to eat out within and around Kormanagala. Bangalore really is a foodies paradise. Back in Delhi I and hubby would visit the same 5-6 joints that we knew would be good. But apart from Indian cuisine nothing else was readily available. Fujia for chinese, Rodeo for Mexican. Continental cuisine (our favourite) was either way too expensive for regular dining and too few options were there. I wonder why Delhi doesnt have more restaurants.
And thats why I love the fact that Bangalore has a such high density of restaurants. I am listing down some restaurants we have tried in Indiranagar and Kormangala:-


  • Bengali Cuisine- Cinnamon, Now called Babu Moshai. Its a mess more than a restaurant. Meal for 2 will cost about Rs. 250. Go by 8:30 as many dishes get over by then. Quality of food is average. Homesick Bengalis will like the place. I found the Moru-ghontu too sweet for my taste.

  • Jamaican Cuisine: Sue's Food House. Its has a warm, homely feeling of a home allright. We had the dinner buffet for Rs 350 per head. I expected the spread to be bigger for 350/-. The fries plantains were new to me and were decent. There was Dal similar to dal makhni, crab curry with coconut milk, jamaican jerk chicken, Pulao, fried plantains, pork curry, a fish fry dish, bread, salads, custard with fruits for dessert. I may have missed out 1-2 dishes. All in all more Indian that Jamaican except the plantains and jerk chicken (which was under done and dry). Go for ambience and friendly Mrs. Sue.

  • Italian cuisine: Little Italy. Sadly its vegetarian. But food's good with authentic cheeses being used for pastas and salads. The lasagna i had was heavy with sauce and cheese, very filling. Hubby's spaghetti was substantial too. You dont need appetizers really. We had ordered cocktails. Mine was litchi based one and very good (a tad to sweet though). We were pleasantly surprised to know there was a drink free with each drink. Hubby had a Margarita. We had mexican quesadillas for appetizer and total bill was Rs. 1500. Recommended for good food.

  • French Cuisine: The Frech Quarter. Decent food. We had a Roast Chicken and a pasta dish. Quantity is decent. A little pricey for the quality provided. Beautiful ambience.

  • Indian Cuisine:

Kund. A sardarji runs this small restaurant. Highly recommended for delicious veg and non veg north Indian dishes at good price. Meat for two with appetizers and main-course will set you back by Rs 300. I feel the quality has gone down a little in past one year but still pretty good for a 2nd visit. Tandoori chicken and Panchmel dal are my fav here. The gajar Halwa is very passable though.

Punjabi Rasoi- Decent

Savoury: Decent Food. Recommended for home delivery. The restaurant itself is very stuffy.

A2B: Great Dosas and other South Indian stuff. Chats are also good. Only problem is that no of people who wish to eat here at any time is always more that seating/standing space available.

South Indies: Well, So much hype and for what. This vegetarian place that serves dishes for 4 South Indian States leaves so much to be desired. Very average foor at roof hittin prices and not worth a visit. They serve two tiny appams for 60 bucks! I mean i alone can eat several appams so are you kiddin me? The only thing i liked was a payasam like dessert with coconut milk that was served in a pineapple shell. That was really good. The cashew curry, a vada like thing etc were all passable.

The Village: Average

Anjjapir: Go if you like Chettinad cuisine. Good place and reasonable. Expect every dish to be black in color with all the pepper.

Nadhani and Nagarjuna: Andhra Cuisine. Both places have good thalis. I like Nagarjuna thali better. Spread changes everyday. But Nandhani has a much more exhaustive menu that runs into several pages and all cuisines under the sun. Both places recommended for Andhra thali. Watch out for the hot hot red chillies. Very spicy food. NowI realise curd rice at the end of a meal is not an option, its a necessity to douse the fire. Thalis at Rs 100 per person.

Empire Hotel: Its a small eatery the hotel has opened so as to not ignore the Indiranagar fans. Closes by 12:00 AM. Its on the side of the road where some tables have been placed outside. You stand and eat.

Mast Kalandar: Nothin great about food. Value meals served. Qulaity is very average.

  • Continental Cuisine:

The Grill House: Decent grills at decent prices. Can visit.

Sunny Side Up

Portabella, Basil Ikon: They serve european cuisine. Great food. The menu isnt too big but whatever's in it is worth a try. Decent portions for one person. With desert and starters about Rs. 1000 for 2.

100 Feet Boutique and Restaurant: Great Food. Small portions. High prices. We had grilled toger prawns @ Rs 650 and got 5 tiger prawns. The pasta was good. Go for good food and great ambience and be ready to make a hole in your pocket. About Rs. 2000 for 2, with starters and dessert.

ZOE: Decent Continental serve. Can visit. Average prices.

Just Bake: Can visit for kiches and sandwitches.

Take 5: Good food. Good selection of drinks and cocktails as well. Say about 350 per person.

  • Chinese and Other Cuisines:

Shanghai Salsa: A unique combination of Mexican with Chinese you give this place atleast one try. Chances are you will return again. About Rs 700 for 2.

Chung Wah: Average food and prices.

Beijing Bites: Average food and prices.




Pizza Hut

Just Bake


Smokin Joes

  • LEBANESE and MIDDLE EASTERN restaurants:


Purple Haze


The list is beautifully long here. Makes me happy just to think about the options available. Aah here goes...

  • Rolls:
Rolls Unlimited

  • North Indian retaurants:
More Than Parathas
Chandni Chowk
Dal Roti
Hotel Empire
Mars Chicken
Taste Buds
Amma's Biryani
Mr Curry.

South Indian Cuisine restaurants:

Shanti Sagar
Vishnu Sagar
Coconut Grove
Bon South
Paramount and Hotel Empire
Hyderabadi Biryani
Maharaja Hotel

Little Home

Bay Leaf
Taste of Rampur

  • Continental Cuisine:


Lavazza Barista:

Vicky's Terrace:

Sixty Four 64:


Via Milano:




Pizza Hut
Papa John's
Just Bake
Amma's Pasteries


Chung Wah
Beijing Bites
Yo China
Rice Bowl

Soo Ra Sang


Taste of Tibet

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