Thursday, September 24, 2009

Somethin Fishy!

My hubby heard of this place in Vittal Mallaya Road where they have fish spa facility. I had heard of fish spas in SE Asia and Mediteranian countries. I was immediately excited as I usually tend to get at the prospect of trying something new. There was the promise of relaxation as well. So we called up and booked us an appointment.

Kenko Spa is located in Vittal Mallaya Road just below Bouce beauty parlour. We were recieved by very attentive and polite staff (hope they maintain all the smiling and nodding and politeness). The ambience is very spa like and calm complete with a large stone figure of a smiling Buddha. There were three tanks with tiny, grey, rather cute looking fishies. I broke into a smile looking at them and anticipating what they'll be doing to my feet soon.

I choose the centre tank and after hesitating for a few seconds put my feet uptill my ankles, in. It was awful!!! Hundereds of fishes who were serenely swimming all across the tank took less than a second to rush straight at my feet. I couldnt see even an inch of my leg below the water. It was as if I had lost my feet and had sprouted tiny tentacles instead. My heart skipped at the sight. the funny/ weird feeling didn't help either and my feet were out in a second, very unwilling to go back inside.

Well, once you are out of the initial shock (may take sometime and must happen to a lot of people coz they didn't count the time it took me to adjust in the spa session), its quite nice. I put my feet back in cautiously and much better prepared this time. The sight was still grossing me out so i closed my eyes shut, my hands over my closed eyes to ensure blocking of view. It was really ticklish. I couldn't help cringing from time to time.

All this while my hubby was his feet washed and cleaned by the attendant was having a nice time laughing at me and wondering alound "why do girls over-react so much". His turn came and he put his feet in with a look of exaggerated ease on his face. Well, :-) we heards a muffled scream and Mr Macho's feet were determindedly out. "Aren't spas supposed to be realxing??". Well, he eventually put his legs back in. Didn't have to close his eyes and all like me. Have to admit he was quite OK after the initial jitters.

In a few minutes your feet adjust to all the weird feeling. I had opened my eyes and it was fun sharing this unusual experience with my hubby. There are magazines provided but its not easy to read with tiny mouths chewing away at your skin.
I even put my hands in just to feel the fishes and hold them in my hand (while keepin my hands underwater). They chew off all the dead skin. The large ones are more ticklish. But they are adorable with their tiny mouths closing and opening constantly and one feels rather grateful to them for doing in a few minutes what a long pedicure session would do.

They provide lockers to keep your purses, wallets etc in lockers and hand you a key. I managed to click the pic posted above before they politely took my bag away (There are no sighns but I guess photography is not encouraged ).

All in all it was fun. Good experience! :-) .


Mona said...

you cant be serious. fish eating away at yr feet!

Anonymous said...

Its true! Apparently thats how turkish remove dead skin from their feet! EWw but fun!