Monday, May 10, 2010

Rich but Subtly flavoured Grilled Prawns- marinated in white wine, cashew and cream

Prawn marinade:
For 16 prawns
a pinch of ajwain+ 1 tbsp hung yogurt+ 1 tsp green chilly paste + 1 tbsp cashew powder+ salt+ 1 tbsp white wine + 1 tsp oil+ grated cheese + 1 tbsp cream. Mix the Marinade and rub all over prwans. Leave for 15 minutes. If you wish you add some chopped coriander leaves. But thats optional.

Heat a non-stick pan and grill the prawns till done. Or you can barbeque the prawns.
Serve and enjoy the delicate flavours. This is a favourite with me. More than a starter I like to have it as a main course along with some good breads and soup/salad maybe.

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