Monday, November 23, 2009


We had Hot Dogs for lunch last saturday. Washed it down with some thick chocolate milkshake. Simply fry your favourite sausage, slide it in a bun and just made a Hot Dog. I did some additions to it to make a more filling meal.

We Indians are used to a full plate...chappatis, veggies, pulses (dal), rice. It needs to fill up your eyes before you decide if it is capable of filling up your tummy.

A sausage in a bun was too simple a lunch and my husband would have dismissed it right at the word 'GO' . Smart work was called for. So I made this multilayered, flavoursome Hot Dog. Really easy, super fast and makes it look like you did a lot of work. I added ketchup and spices to the sausage to give it added taste.

I had a packet of chicken frankfurters. This is what i did to them:
Heat a little oil. Throw in slices of good quality bacon and fry till it releases a lot of fat and cooks through. if you like it crisp keep frying till desired level of crsipness is achieved.
In this oil throw in thawed sausages. Add some tomato ketchup, black pepper, oregano and some red chilly powder. Fry till done. Take them out. You can add coriander powder and even garam masala to this while tastes good.
In the remaining oil throw in chopped onions and some finely chopped garlic.When onions turn transparent, add chopped tomatoes. You can add coriander powder to the relish to make it spicy. Cook for another 2-3 minutes. Add ketchup, about 1 tb sp for 3 tb sp of relish. Turn heat off and add chopped cucumber,green chillies and fresh coriander to the relish.
Lay lengthwide sliced hot dog buns on a tray. Put relish on them. Place a slice or two of bacon and a sausage each. You can wrap the suasage in the bacon. I tried but the bacon kept unwrapping. Next time will remind myself to use a long slice . Apply mustard sauce. Place cheese slices. Grill in hot over if you wish to melt the cheese. Serve. You can place raw onion rings in the hot dogs as well. Easy peasy.
Going to 'Gods Own Country' Kerela day excited!!! Will stay in a houseboat in Kumarakom..yay!

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